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One of the first trading ventures along the Bay of Bengal was the merchant traders known as our very own, the British East India Company

"I would like to offer you a warm welcome & introduce you to the Bengal Experience. We take our name from the bay that forms the north-eastern part of the Indian Ocean.  It resembles a triangle in shape & is bordered on the east by the Malay Peninsula & by India & Sri Lanka to the West, Bangladesh & the Indian state of West Bengal to the North where the name originally comes from.  In the 10th Century the explosion of Indian Kingdoms, led by the Chola Empire, resulted in the Bay of Bengal being known as the Chola Lake.  It later came to be known as Bangal ki Khadi in Hindi.  Bengal comes from the Sanskrit Banga or Vanga which refers to the delta waters of the river Ganges. Many major rivers of both India & Bangladesh flow west to east into the Bay of Bengal including the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Ayeyarwady, Doavari, Mahanadi & many others all frow into the bay. 

"I hope that you enjoy our traditional food & custom. I would welcome your feedback & views on our service & quality of food.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at the takeaway during opening times.  I look forward to serving you at our takeaway and perhaps meeting you in person." Ali


We use a variety of fresh ingredients & exotic spices from all over the Indian subcontinent to give our food its unique flavour & distinctive taste

Ali (Manager)

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We are a proud member of the British Food Standards Agency & have been awarded a five star rating for our kitchen hygiene, food prep, food quality & standards. We strongly recommend that all customers should check out the ratings of a caterer & you can do it free by clicking on the logo link below